18th Century Boys Suit: YokoDana Creative Upcycling Customers (List updated)

November 08, 2018 Yoko Lewis

18th Century Boys Suit, Upcycled using vintage Kimono
Pleasantly Malformed(Blogger)

18th Century Boys Suite, vintage yokodana.com kimono used to upcycle
We only recently came across this handiwork by one of our bulk vintage kimono package customers, from her blog in March of 2017. It is an 18th Century Boys Suit created by blogger Pleasantly Malformed on blogspot.com, To see her blog -- with multiple pictures and explanation of how she did it -- please visit her blog HERE. 

We aren't often told of the myriad ways that folks buying our vintage Japanese kimonos and fabrics use them in their creative work in various media. So, when we happened upon this one, being truly different, we hastened to add it to our growing list. 
Since 1999 here at yokodana.com (YokoDana Kimono) have kept a "upcycling uses" list in one of our FAQ pages on kimono  and fabrics information.
So here's the latest list, November 8, 2018 version from URL:   
https://www.yokodana.com/pages/faq-vintage-japanese-kimonos-and-fabrics#uses  :
  • Table Runners 
  • Centerpiece for Table (maruobi tied into ribbon) 
  • Place Mats 
  • Coasters 
  • Frame border, or make a picture out of it(fabric piece) 
  • Matting for pictures/framing
  • Wall hanging 
  • Window Treatment (swags, curtains)
  • Clothing items (many types, such asvest, or as part of other accessory or built into garments) 
  • Handbags/purses
  • Luggage rack (placed over a folding wooden frame luggage stand) 
  • Coffee table (used wooden stand, placed obi, then glass top) 
  • Whole Kimonos in shadow box or similar frame
  • Pillows, cushions Just wear them as obi! 
  • "Katana" bag (samurai sword holder) 
  • Tote bag
  • Cabinetry, as runner in groove of sliding door of antique cabinet
  • Furniture (hand-made chairs and benches; reupholstering)
  • High-end fashion designers used our bulk kimono silks in making one-of-kind designer dresses, garments, accessories(Europe, India, China)
  • Dyers and mixed media artists used kimono fabrics in their artwork and projects
  • Laptop computer bags
  • Costume Face Mask
  • Ladies' high heel shoes (UK)
  • Lamp Shade
  • Anime Cosplay Costumes
  • Rock n Roll Singer-Songwriter Wears on-stage when performing
  • 18th Century Boys Suit

Add your own & let us know! 

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