Creative Customer of YokoDana Kimono

October 22, 2016 Yoko Lewis

Diata, Philadelphia Customer of YokoDana Kimono -- homemade kimono
Customer Diata in self-made kimono
Our customers are so creative! Thanks to Diata W. of Philadelphia who recently bought a woman's nagajuban from us at a venue. While she was shopping in our booth she told us of her love of kimonos and that she had even made one herself. As we so often  do, we asked her to send a picture. We frequently ask show customers to send us pictures of their creative uses of vintage  kimonos and fabrics (both ours or even those bought elsewhere); we did the same with Diata, but unlike most others who forget, she just sent us a picture of her creation. So, thanks to Diata for sharing. We like to encourage creativity wherever we find it, especially relating to Japanese kimonos and vintage traditional Japanese fabrics. This helps spread the beauty of kimono culture worldwide.
So, if you're a customer of ours and want us to showcase your work, either in our blog here or on our Facebook Page, please contact us (links bottom of every page).

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