LNR-MIX3: 3Lbs Vintage Silk Kimono Silk & Poly Liner Fabrics

LNRS-MIX3:3LBS kimono liners,silk/poly

Vintage Japanese Textiles:

Lot of Vintage Silk Kimono Silk & Mock-Silk Liner Fabrics
3lbs Mix of Arai-Hari(Used & Cleaned)
& Deadstock Bolts/Pieces (Solids)

Catalog # LNRS-MIX3

  US$45.00 for lot
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Fabric History/Pedigree:  1950s-1980s fabrics found in a batch of liner and other fabrics in bolts and rolls received from a Japanese cleaner called Arai-Hari -- see an excellent explanation of traditional Arai Hari by textile expert John Marshall,by click-pushing HERE

Fabric Description:  Some of these liners are for making haori liners, so are about 5 yards each; the others for use in making kimono liners or collars/sleeve liners and are usually 7-9 yards long; bolts are mostly solid of single colors, used to make liners and under-kimonos; some of a type called hakkake; fabric is mostly silk, some mock-silk polyester); Some are in original bindings.

Pictures: These pictures are samples of a recent package, each lot is different.

 Condition:  Aged but are all clean and mostly usable.

Notes: Recommended for use in replacing kimono liners, dyeing, crafts, sewing, and other sewing projects.

$ 45.00

LNR-MIX3: 3Lbs Vintage Silk Kimono Silk & Poly Liner Fabrics