7337: 1980s Japanese Silk Nagajuban Fabric Deadstock, Pottery,MeshGrid

7337:1980s Japan Nagajuban Silk, 44 inches

Catalog# 7337

1980's Japanese Textiles Deadstock:

Nagajuban Type Medium-Weight Silk Fabric

Width:14.5 inches / 36.83 cm
Length: 44 inches / 111.76 cm

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Item Details and Description

Fabric History/Pedigree: Silk originally intended for making under-kimono (nagajuban), found in a partial roll as  1980s deadstock (old but like new, never used).

Fabric Description Details:

This type of silk is for making nagajuban (under-kimono) for women, it is light-medium weight, however, compared to most of the vintage nagajuban silks we offer; this piece has a nice drape; no sheen; the color of the fabric is copper with a hint of burgundy, and designs are interwoven classic mesh grid with tiny diamond-shaped elements (3/6th"/.1765")/4.76mm at longest; this mesh is evocative of shibori (tie-dyed) patterns; There are a few pottery vases/jars placed randomly up and down the fabric, largest pots being 3.5inches/8.89cm tall;  The design is same on both sides.

Great for making scarf, and accessories.

Condition: EXCELLENT

Colors:  Please use our text descriptions to complement your sense of the fabric, as colors and contrast vary per device.

$ 15.00

7337: 1980s Japanese Silk Nagajuban Fabric Deadstock, Pottery,MeshGrid