110A-SOLIDS: 10Lbs Vintage Japanese Kimono Package,Solids Only

110A-SOLIDS: 10LBS, all shown

Limit: One(1) per customer per order per month

Catalog#: 110A-SOLIDS

SPECIAL MIX of A Package of Solid Kimonos w/Interwoven Patterns

10 Lbs (4.54Kg) Minimum  @US$9.50/lb = US$95.00 

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For Continental USA, Mexico & Canada:

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Our pictures here are of  a recent sample 10 Lbs (4.54Kg) 110A-SOLIDS Package, shown first as pile of whole ten pounds, then close-ups of same kimonos. PICTURES ARE SAMPLES of type and quality in each package,
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 This package is composed of kimonos  which are the same quality and types as in our main bulk kimono package, our "A Package (110-A)"  except they are all solid in color and with interwoven motifs (details below); kimonos are mostly silk; We offer these for our quilters, DIY crafts enthusiasts and other creative folks who need solid background fabrics but with interesting interwoven designs. they will be of a variety of colors (like the sample pictures shown here).

NOTE: Sometimes we include kimono coats (haori, michiyuki).  It is usually just one or two when we have them per 10lbs. If you want them included please send us a message before you order or add note in your order form. 

 Each bundle is unique. When you take apart these kimonos and short coats you will get about 70-80 yards of the outer fabric , not counting the Inner liners. There will be five long kimonos, one haori and one michiyuki.


We do NOT include any of the following type fabrics: cotton, muslin and commonly seen non-Japanese-made synthetic robes(off-shore sellers) which are called 'kimono' by some -- but which are not truly Japanese kimono --  We never have those type -- ever;


These solid color kimonos of this package will have a wide variety of interwoven designs, traditional motifs, to include some of the following designs interwoven into the same-color fabric: Flowers, fans, butterflies, birds, Imperial items ( such as -- flower cart, Imperial procession items, banners, treasure mallets and gift boxes); also, toys, origami, cranes, waves, streams, bamboo thickets; Kimono makers historically also include themes from woodblock prints of 1600 to 1800's Japan, including tsunami wave, mountains and country villas with streams, waves (often stylized in various fashions) and geometric designs. In addition, even when a kimono fabric is solid (no secondary colors, motif or design), entire garments are often interwoven with these same lovely designs. Also, many classical kimonos have a subtle beauty and nuance, perhaps an acquired taste, but rich in layout and arrangements in the fabrics.


Images shown in our description here are EXAMPLES of a recent bundle; yours will be unique, sorted using the criteria as described here.  We do our best to provide a balanced mix as described here. Also, please see FAQs that have more details about selection (links to FAQs are below after shipping schedule information.)


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      $ 95.00

      110A-SOLIDS: 10Lbs Vintage Japanese Kimono Package,Solids Only