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Just a quick note saying the goods arrived this morning and the Kimono is wonderful!
Had to pay £97 ($160) customs and excise duty!! Ouch!
But it was worth it!
Thanks again!!
Alan White
Birmingham, United Kingdom

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Hello Dana & Yoko,

Just want to let you know I am very pleased with the Shiromuku I received last week --
It exceeded by far my expectations! Very nice hand embroidery.
Thank you,
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Yesterday my 20 lb. shipment of kimonos etc. arrived. I am overwhelmed, I bought them to use in sewing/quilting projects but many I can not bring myself to cut and will simply use and admire. My 11 year old daughter and I unpacked the box and it was like a treasure chest. Thank you!

Linda A.
Maine, USA

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Hi there!

This is Suzanne Ebbels. My kimono's (20lbs) arrived and they are wonderful, thanks heaps for all your help, l will be ordering more in the future.

Sue, Geelong, Victoria, Australia

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Dear Dana & Yoko,

I received my 20 pound box of kimono the other day as promised. I have to tell you, it was the best box I've received in a long time! My friend and I were absolutely amazed by the contents of the box. It almost sounded like the Fourth of July, as we "oohed" and "aahed" over each one as it came out of the box. The only problem is that I don't know if I can cut them up!

Thanks again!

Lisa Eichelberger
Elko, Nevada

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Dear Yoko,

My bulk kimono shipment arrived today and the contents far surpassed my expectations. I was hoping for at least one haori in wearable condition but got far more than that! I am in my glory. The kimonos are wonderful, as well. My sister is already hinting that two of them would be ideal for her birthday gifts. And the extra textile pieces will be wonderful for belts and sashes.

Your service and professionalism can't be beat and the product is ichiban. Domo Arrigatou.

Escondido, CA

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Dear Yoko,

Thank you so much for the zori and purse; I received them yesterday and
they are fabulous. I am a candidate for the San Francisco Cherry
Blossom Queen Pageant and now know that even if I don't win, I will look
great. Thanks so much!

Yours truly,
Erin Todoki
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Thank you for the order. It arrived yesterday. The kimonos and fabric are beautiful. I was like a little kid with a surprise package opening them. I will put them to good use. Thanks again. C.P.

Hi, I just got the 40# box of kimonos I ordered. WOW! they are incredible, better than I could have hoped for. WOW! I look forward to buying from you in the future. WOW!

thanks, T'ger Stone
Huntsville, Arkansas

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The box (20lbs of "A Package") arrived today just as expected. The kimono are beautiful! Thank you for such a lovely array of sizes and colors. Of course my two daughters immediately claimed one each to wear for their very own. The others will complement my quilting beautifully if I ever dare take them apart!

Thanks again,

Carol McD, North Carolina

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We received the kimono today. It is very beautiful and in very good condition as described on the website. Thank you so much for working with us, so we were able to purchase it.

thank you
Lori Welsh and Mic Wallace, Middle River, MD

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BottomLine is an international publication which advises subscribers on consumer and other issues. This well-respected newsletter has over 1 million subscribers. They called to inform us that we had been selected and that they recommended our site to their readers in a recent issue. We of course are most grateful.

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(re: 20lb "A Package)
(We) received our bundle yesterday and just enjoyed every one. Each one has its own beauty and style! thank you so very much!

Toms River, New Jersey (USA) 

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Hi Dana and Yoko.

I just wanted to let you know that the two kimono arrived safely and quickly! Both are exactly as described and we're extremely pleased. Everything about this transaction, from your well-designed website, to your prompt emails, was a real pleasure. ...

I must say that this has been the fastest transaction I've ever experienced via the internet, and I've done my share of e-shopping! My wife is still talking about the beautiful packaging and plans to save it for storage. Most of the garments we receive from other e-sellers come in flimsy plastic bags (that frequently arrive full of holes); your shipping methods are fit for an art museum....

We will definitely recommend you to our friends and frequently check your site toward future purchases.

Thank you very much,

Rick and Patty Goldstein
Granada Hills, California

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Thank you. The shipment arrived yesterday. I'm extremely pleased with it!
Wonderful service. I'd recommend you to anyone!

...I have to say, most of them arrived in such good condition it's a shame to even think of taking them apart. I'm going to have to work myself up to it.

-Christy Young

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Dear Dana and Yoko:

Thank you so much! I am happy, happy, happy with my new shipment. The color selection is so nice, and the quality is all that I hoped for and more. I can't tell you how much I appreciate your wonderful service... I wish all businesses were run with such consideration. Now, my only problem is, I can't bear to set scissors to some of the kimonos, they are so nice! Oh well, I guess that just means I'll be ordering a little sooner than expected! Thanks again!

Katherine N.

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Hi Dana,

Regards & sunshine from Asmara! I'm sitting in my garden wearing my georgeous kimono! Once again thank you for prompt, perfect delivery. Keep up the great work!

Best regards,
(Eritrea, East Africa)

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During the summer of 2001, my husband and I had the unexpected pleasure of visiting Japan so that he could practice kendo. We had only six weeks to prepare for our trip. How I wish I had studied Japanese clothing before leaving the States! While I was in Japan, I had the great fortune of buying a kimono, juban, obi, michiyuki, and several accessories. I was hooked!!!!!!

Thanks to Yoko Trading, I've been able to affordably increase my collection of wearable art without the expensive airfare to Japan. Yokodana's products and services can't be beat, either on the web or via on-line auction. I hope to buy from Yoko and Dana for years to come....

Rose Kanusky
San Antonio, Texas
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To Yoko & Dana::

Thank you for the speedy service! These kimono(for community theatre production) are as wonderful as the first (30)! We will be printing your card in our program and I will spread the others among the other costumers I know. My cast is so excited about their wonderful costumes and very impressed with how far ahead of schedule I am. Costumes don't usually appear until a week or two before opening night. We sing your praises!

Penny Hall, Footlite Musicals
Indianapolis, Indiana

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Hi, received the shipment of (20lbs) kimonos today. They were in much nicer condition
than I had expected! Thanks for the great purchase! I will be back for

Sarah Crumly
Late Bloomers Quilt Shop and Dry Goods Co.
125 West Main Street PO Box 427
Carlton, OR 97111

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I've ordered 1 Kimono and 2 Haori in the past month. Two as gifts and 1 for myself. These are the most beautiful items with the most beautiful material I've seen. I expect to be wearing my Haori everywhere so I'm sure I'll be getting many compliments and maybe starting a fad! I look forward to falling inlove with my next haori.

My experience with Yokodana was above my expectations and I appreciate their speediness to get my items to me. Thank you Dana and Yoko.

Kathy Fox

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Can't tell you how much I love the kimonos (20 lbs "A Package, kr110-1). They are way better condition than I ever expected. A weaver friend and I will be splitting the order. I planned to use the fabric for crazy quilts, and Patty in weaving. At the moment, I'm not sure I can bring myself to cut them apart.... Feel free to quote me. I will be glad to tell anybody how pleased we are with the shipment...Thank you again for a fantastic product.

Sue Wingate
Ridgway, Pennsylvania

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D & Y..........Your service is amazing!!!!!!!! Thank you.

Sydney, Australia

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Hi Dana and Yoko,

I got the box today, and I wanted to tell you that I am, first of all, ecstatic about having gotten the two striped fabrics, and second, I was also really happy with the contents of the 20 pound box. You folks are running a top notch operation and can include me in your list of satisfied customers.


Rebecca Finch
Minneapolis, MN

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Dear Yoko and Dana,

Your merchandise, shipping and quality service are first rate. You can't do better than Yokodana!
Ellen Caulfield

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Besides their wonderful, high quality products and reasonable prices, the thing I like most about Yokodana is their service. When I accidentally made a few mistakes on my order, Yokodana immediately remedied the problem. The fact that there is an actual person behind the computer, personally taking care of my order, always makes me feel at ease.

Melissa Cole
San Francisco, CA

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Dear Yoko and Dana -- In looking back over my records, I realize I first wrote to you in Aug. 1998, can't believe it's been two years!

Since then, I've purchased several by-the-pound bundles from you as well as several individual garments from your website and e-bay.

You have been nothing but courteous, kind, and generous. Yoko has always sent fantastic assortments in the "bundles" -- worth way more than every penny (shhhh!) You've also been generous with information -- I've learned more from you than from all the books!

I've referred several people telling them how great you guys are and how glad I am to have found you!

Susan Fatemi
Oh Noh! Kimonos!

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For the past many years, I've attended the September Quilt Show in Fort Washington, PA.In addition to the quilts and garments on display, there are the most interesting vendors from all over the country showing fabrics that you may not see in your local shops.

I make pillows, table runners and scarves using imported fabrics - wonderful cottons that come from the countries on the Western Coast of Africa, batiks from the Polynesian islands and Java - and now exquisite exquisite silks from Yoko Trading.

Last September, I discovered Yoko Trading in the first aisle at the Exhibition Hall. I spent an hour (or was it two!) in your booth and selected 10 silk kimono & haori jackets. Although it was Sunday, the last day of a 4 day show, I was thrilled with what was available for me to look thru.

Not only did I choose from garments on a rack and stacked on tables, I also admired and bought a pink brocade (with silver threads) that your lovely daughter was wearing. Many of the kimono were so fine that I could not consider cutting them to use the fabric* and have been wearing and enjoying them. And, I always (guaranteed, it's a sure thing) receive compliments when wearing one of your garments.

Now I'm going to take the plunge and buy a bundle.

I gave that pink brocade to a special friend - someone had to be very special to be worthy of sharing these treasures. When her gift arrived, she called saying that . . . "I shouldn't have been so extravagant - we don't exchange such luxurious gifts" She thought I had spent a fortune! which actually, I did not.

Since meeting you last September, although I enjoy viewing your internet site and your items on e-bay - I intend to shop with you next month in person at the show. Those who are not able to shop in person are lucky to have access to fine silks on-line.

Jane Rosner
Bridgewater, NJ

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