Showcase: Kay (Virginia) Kasuri-Boro Hooded Jacket Using Yokodana Kasuri

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Kay of Virginia-hooded jkt from yokodana kasuri

Note about this page:

We like to post on our web site when people have creatively used our vintage Japanese kimonos and fabrics in their work, so we are happy to share here pictures and emails from Kay of Virginia (USA). Below is her email to us about this creation, followed by various pictures:

 Hi Yoko,

I thought I’d send you a photo of my latest sewing project using textiles I bought from you. I call it a “Borojagi” - Japanese Boro inspired, and sewn using Korean Bojagi seams, but by machine not by hand. I’m really happy with how it turned out. I used kimono-style patterning in the design, with a hood attached. Feel free to include it in your photo gallery of ideas.

I’m thinking of gradually adding Sashiko to it. And this project was made possible thanks to all the extra bits you put into my kasuri order. I am always touched by the extra bits you include with our orders. I’ve used them all!

Thank you as always for making such beautiful textiles available to us who appreciate the quality and precision of their making.

Kay from Virginia (USA)

 Borojagi Jacket Kay of Virginia close front

Borojagi Jacket Kay of Virginia close back
Borojagi Jacket Kay of Virginia close hood

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