Showcase: ABCRags, Lauren, Sakiori and much more from vintage kimonos

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We like to post on our web site when people have creatively used our vintage Japanese kimonos and fabrics in their work, so we are happy to share here the work of a customer, Lauren Sng of ABCRags in California. We have loved the things she posts on Instagram (@abcrags), and are particularly fond of her sakiori weaving pieces. We are pleased to share just a few of the things she makes using not only our vintage Japanese kimonos and fabrics, but from many sources. Such a creative lady!


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This is how Lauren describes her work:

 My studio is in a small California beach town where, for hours on end, I weave, stitch by hand and by machine, and embellish anything that a needle will go through. I'd rather be here than anywhere else. My heart goes into every project, and you'll know this when you see what I've made.

​A native San Franciscan, I grew up just outside of Chinatown. The eldest of first generation American-born Chinese ("ABC") parents, I have a strong awareness of my ethnicity. This appreciation permeates my home life and is the theme of personal collections, and is frequently a starting point for creative endeavors.

Sewing has been the foundation of my work since childhood. My mother taught me to sew on her Elna machine. I find great satisfaction in construction with fabrics and, when challenges present themselves, the triumph that comes with successes. I get bored easily and often look for new textile techniques. Discovery is continuous. Lauren


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