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UPDATE: April 17, 2023

In the course of gathering and sorting for our primary bulk kimono packages throughout the year, we set aside any rare and special pieces until we have enough to sell a bundle of them. In the past these have included a variety of mud-dyed or plant-based dyed kimonos, asa (hemp), Ohshima Tsumugi silks, kasuri, muslin, cotton, wool -- all from before 1960.

As part of our site re-organization, we  now make these sorts of offerings available only to our opt-in members and established commercial customers. When we have a special package we will notify members via our opt-in newsletter, and use a lottery system (as preferred  by members) as a way to choose who will get the offered package. Members will receive a password in the offer email to be able to access the lottery.

We do this because we feel it is a fair way to give interested members an equal chance to get these special packages. We have some rather complicated reasons for this. If you want to hear them, please contact us.


Please just go to the members' information page by click-pushing HERE.

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Below are packages that we have offered in the past;
Some may be available now, please select link to see if in stock:

  • 110-CTN-KASURI-10:  Ten(10) Pounds Vintage Japanese Cottons Special Package, includes kasuri, happi hanten, furoshiki.

  • 110-YUKATA:  Ten(10) Lbs. Vintage Japanese Cotton Yukata Summer Kimono, $95.00.

  • 110-SAMPLER: Lot of 8 Different Type Kimonos from our Bulk Kimono Collections US$115.00.

  •  LNR-MIX3 US$45.00 for lot: Lot of Vintage Silk & Mock-Silk (Poly) Kimono Liner Fabrics, 3lbs Arai-Hari Used & Deadstock.

  • LNR-SILK-REDUS$45.00 for lot: 3 Pounds Lot of Vintage Red Silk Kimono Silk Liner Fabrics All Silk from Arai-Hari Japanese Kimono Cleaners, Used.

  • 110-HAORI-5MIX: Special Lot of 5 Vintage Japanese Haori (Kimono Coats)$95.

  • 110-CTN-FUROSHIKI: 10Lbs Vintage Japanese Cotton Furoshiki Bundle $95.

  • 110-OHSHIMA-5KIMONO: 5 Kimonos Older Japanese Doro-Ohshima Tsumugi Mud-Dyed $95.

  • 110-MSN-H5: 5 Vintage 1950s Meisen Haori (Kimono Coats) Lot $95.

  • 110-ASA-5: Special Lot of 5 Asa-Hemp Pre-1960s Summer Kimonos $95.

  • 110-MNAG: 10 Lbs Vintage Japanese Men's Under-Kimono Nagajubans $125.

  • 110-GNAG: 10Lbs Vintage Girls Silk Nagajuban Underkimono-reds, $65.00

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 Interested in any of these? If so, feel free to contact us to see if we might have - or soon to have - one or more of these special packages.  Reminder: these are only offered to members of our optin mail list. You can learn about membership HERE

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