Antique-Vintage Japanese Kasuri (Ikat) Cottons from YokoDana Kimono

About Japanese Kasuri (Ikat)

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  • Want to learn more about Kasuri (Ikat)?

    There is a great reference article (pdf) here by Dr. Krauss on Kasuri, with more pictures and a fine bibliography (You'll need a PDF Reader) .  To see some of these kasuri in the Krauss Collection visit HERE. In addition, there is a veritable trove of information and pictures about Japanese traditional textiles in R. John Howe's Blog, an outstanding reference surely of interest to textile enthusiasts. 

    Also, to see a great sampling of kasuri, (actually, e-gasuri picture-kasuri), with cultural and historical background information, please visit e-gasuri.com a site owned by a customer of ours and expert, Dr. Jeffrey Krauss. 

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  • More info from Wikipedia, and a link to videos of making kasuri (ikat):

    Wikipedia.org, on-line encyclopedia, defines Kasuri as:

    ...a Japanese word for fabric that has been woven with fibers dyed specifically to create patterns and images in the fabric. It is an ikat technique. Kasuri is weft ikat; the warp threads are solid color, and the weft thread is resist-tied in a specific pattern and dyed with indigo to form a picture when the cloth is woven. Japanese ikats are generally weft ikats or double ikats.