Is it "kimonos" or "kimono"? Searching for Authentic Japanese Kimonas, Kimona,Kimono?

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But, is it "Kimono", "Kimonos" or "Kimonas"?

Are you looking for authentic vintage Japanese kimono(s)? We know that many folks search for "japanese kimonas", in which case they might land on this page, but that's okay - you found the right place anyway 😀. So, welcome!

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But the question remains, should one write plural kimono with an 's' (kimonos) in English? Our decision awhile back is that the Japanese word "Kimono" has been incorporated into the English language (like, sushi, tacos, or spaghetti in other languages, for example).

In Japanese, there are no plural forms for nouns but since kimono is also an English word, in the plural perhaps it should end in the letter s.  Therefore, here on yokodana.com, we often use kimonos, interchangeably with kimono (the latter out of habit I suppose), when speaking/writing in English. Some of our purists friends may object, but we beg their indulgence, as we just thought we should mention this here.

So...welcome to our website, hope you find something you like, no matter how it's spelled 😀.

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