Customer Showcase: Chappell Rose Holt, USA, on YokoDana Kimono

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We are pleased to introduce Chappell Rose Holt (Facebook Page). She has used our vintage kimono fabrics from our site and others to create the pieces shown below. Chappell is an artist, musician, and seamstress. She is expert at restoring vintage clothing and as a result of working with vintage fabrics started collecting and using vintage textiles in her original designs. Her father was in the Navy and as a child learned to love the Japanese kimono silks he brought home for her mother. Discovering YokoDana has been a revelation. Having spent hundreds of hours carefully taking apart vintage kimonos it is a pleasure to have the original silks in yardage. Her current project is making loose fitting blouses combining the kimono silks with other textiles and unique buttons. She is calling this collection Kimono Pastiches (Below):

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Chappell Rose Holt
Concord, California

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