YokoDana Customer Highlights: Wedding Guest Dress from Vintage Kimono Fabrics

July 26, 2018 Yoko Lewis

Our customer Heather with her husband Rich at a wedding in Westerly, RI

Heather & Husband; dress made from yokodana.com fabrics

Heather, dress made from yokodana vintage fabrics

 About these pictures:

For years now, whenever we do shows, whether it's a quilt show, a Japanese cherry blossom festival or an Anime event, we often have customers tell us that they'll send us a picture when they make something from the fabrics they just bought from us. The above are from one of those situations. Heather bought the shown fabrics from our by-piece rack at a quilt show in Connecticut last year.

So imagine our pleasant surprise when these pictures arrived in our email. So, we are delighted to share here another exquisite example of creative ways that folks give our vintage Japanese kimono fabrics new life. Thanks to Heather for her beautiful work and for remembering to send them to us.


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