"What's New?": New Page and Products on YokoDana.com-Vintage Split Men's Hakama

May 17, 2023 Yoko Lewis

May 17, 2023:

Since we continue to bring in from Japan a steady volume of vintage authentic Japanese kimonos and fabrics, we find that throughout the year we are regularly making changes to our store; almost daily we see  inventory count changes -- especially fabrics by piece.
Also, the vintage kimono supply stream in Japan is constantly changing, so, as things change, we need to add or take out different types of packages of vintage kimonos.  To help our regulars keep up with our changes, we created a 'What's New?" page, here
The most recent kimono product addition (May, 16, 2023) is an offering of individual men's hakama of the marital arts, split type, that look like this one from Pinterest:

Pinterest Picture of split man's hakama
To check them out (3 now available) please visit product page HERE.

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