What's New? 9/25/23: New YokoDana Policy for "A" and "Nagajuban" Packages

September 25, 2023 Yoko Lewis

What's New on YokoDana Kimono, www.yokodana.com?

September 25, 2023: 

So, what's new here on yokodana.com?  


We are grateful that interest in our vintage Japanese kimono fabrics and by-pound bundles on yokodana.com continues to be strong as we head into our 25th year selling kimonos on yokodana.com, 34 years as export-import company. Thanks to so many, we continue to grow our customer base, both for bulk by-pound packages, and for by-piece fabrics. This presents a 'good news - bad news' situation, however.

The good news (for us) is that demand remains high from customers world-wide; The bad news (for customers) is that we can only get so many of the quality vintage authentic  kimonos and kimono fabrics per month from our people in Japan; in effect, most months our demand exceeds supply. Our challenge is to enable more folks of  our expanding customer base to have fair opportunities to purchase the popular packages. One way to do this is to limit how much buyers can purchase each order. We announce our latest policy change on our "What's New?" page, summarized below. We appreciate your understanding.

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The most recent "What's New?" update(9/25/23) tells of a new policy we've implemented for our two most popular products, "A Package" and the "Nagajubans Package", shared below:

 Effective 9/25/2023: 

NEW POLICY FOR "A Package" and Nagajubans Package:  

Due to the high demand for these products, and recent limits in the supply end, in order for more people to be able to order these very popular packages, we have set a limit of a total of three (3) maximum  orders for each -- or, 30lbs -- per 30 days per customer. This is a 30lbs limit  for  each product separately.

If you have any questions or comments, please send them to us HERE.

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