YouPouch.com(Japan): Wedding & Other Dresses Made From Vintage Kimonos

October 07, 2021 Yoko Lewis

youpouch.com upcycled dress from vintage
youpouch.com upcycled dress from vintage2


We came across these pictures on a Japanese-language website, Youtouch.com. Starting in 2017 and then most recently (October 7, 2021), they explain how these dresses were upcycled, made from 1950s-1960s vintage kimonos, deconstructed and made into both wedding gowns and other fashionable dresses/gowns; some are then made available as rentals (in Japan). To see full pictures of these lovely dresses please visit 2017 blog HERE , and 2021 blog HERE.

youpouch.com upcycled dress from vintage3
youpouch.com upcycled dress from vintage4

Also, in early 2020, one of our customers (Below, Pam T., Canada) shared with us her own wedding kimono made from our "A Package" vintage silk women's kimonos:


Pam T., Canada Wedding Dress from kimono

To see other things made (upcycled) from our bulk vintage Japanese kimono packages on yokodana.com, please visit our other customer showcases HERE.

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