Happy New Year 2020 -- We're back from holiday!

January 14, 2020 Yoko Lewis

Happy New Year 2020 to all from YokoDana Kimono

Yoko Lewis, owner of YokoDana Kimono, family pictures, girls kimonos
Family Pictures: Girls' Ceremonial Kimonos 

Well, we're finally back to our normal schedule, after having given ourselves an unusually long (for us) vacation over the holidays. We have caught up with all orders received during our being away and off-grid.
Thanks to all who waited so patiently while we rested and recuperated -- so we're all re-charged and looking forward to another great year on yokodana.com!

Here's what's going on with us as we slide into 2020:

1. Venues:

We are resuming preparations for our two 2020 spring venues at Cherry Blossom Festivals in Philadelphia and New York City (Brooklyn Botanic Garden), both taking place in April, Details on these events are on our venues page and, closer to each event, we post details and discount news on our Facebook page as well. Opt-in members get  notified via our maillist .

2. Bulk Kimono Packages News:

To see a full list of our by-pound authentic vintage Japanese kimono bundles, please click-push link at  number 2 header above or HERE. This list shows all types we offer during the year, though some of them are only available seasonally.

Demand for our main bulk package, "A Package" ladies kimonos (110-A) continues to be strong. We've managed to keep up with the increased demand in 2019, with fewer instances where we had to use our Wait List for the main packages. A reminder that if you see 'zero' in a product's inventory count in the shop you can always contact us about being on a Wait List for the product you're interested in. or at least get an idea when the product will again be available.
3. Vintage Kimono Fabrics by yard and piece:
We will resume adding these to the website very soon. We have plenty up, but have many more to add as we start 2020; Click header for link to all those fabrics.
4. A little 'Thank You' Note from the owners:

Lastly, thanks to everyone who supported our little business in 2019. This is our 21st year as www.yokodana.com, and we owe much of our success to our members and faithful patrons who keep coming back and also tell their friends. Thanks again and we send wishes for a prosperous, healthy and happy New Year in 2020.
Warm Regards,
Yoko & Dana Lewis

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