Creative Uses of Vintage Japanese Kimono Fabrics from YokoDana.com(Lampshades)

June 08, 2022 Yoko Lewis

Lampshade 1 made from yokodana.com vintage kimono fabrics

We are fortunate indeed that here at yokodana.com we regularly receive lovely emails from customers telling us how they liked an order, and often describing how they used our fabrics (either purchased via our Bulk Kimono Packages ,or , in our Fabrics-by-pieces section) in a creative project.

Above and below are pictures we recently received from a USA customer in New York(State). Here's what she wrote to us explaining what she did in making 2 lampshades from both whole kimonos and fabrics bought by piece/yard:

 Dear YokoDana ,
I have been buying your various bundles of kimono, juban and haori jackets. I am always excited when a bundle comes. With each opening of a box I am overwhelmed by the beauty of each piece! There was one bundle I received that had a Tomesode. It had the five crests , I believe from the 1930's for the lining was red silk (I only say this from what little knowledge I have acquired which is limited). I was overcome by its beauty although the lining was shattered in places it did not detract from the overall artistry.

Most of what I received from you, the kimonos are in relatively good shape which I am always happy about and the pieces that have apparent stains or slight tearing are used as cutters for sewing and other projects ...

Also I have attached a few pictures of some lampshades I created using some of the kimono fabrics. The lampshade with the tassels: the red panels in addition to the white underlay for the flowered netting fabric are from a kimono. The 2nd lampshade the cream colored fabric is from a kimono....

Gassho (palms together)
New York

Lampshade made from yokodana.com vintage kimono fabrics

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