Next Stop: Brooklyn Botanic Garden Sakura Matsuri, April 28,29th

April 23, 2018 Yoko Lewis

tsumami zaiku, hand-made gift cover, one of a kind from YokoDana vintage kimono fabricsHand-made from vintage kimono fabrics with tsumami,
Wine Bottle Gift Cover 

Hanging: Hand-made with Oshie (quilt-raised cloth) and tsumami flowers, Yokodana.comWall Hanging: Hand-made with Oshie (raised quilt cloth) & Tsumami Flowers

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Hope you can come to the wonderful Brooklyn Botanic Gardens next weekend for its Sakura Matsuri, Cherry Blossom Festival. We love to see our web customers (and show 'regulars') in person (FTF).

As for us at YokoDana Kimono.... well, since the wind and rain made it impossible for us to set up in Philadelphia on the 15th, that means that we have even more to bring to Brooklyn this year! The matsuri in Brooklyn is splendid and has grown immensely. As many as 70,000 people have come on one day in recent years. It's a rich event full of many wonderful things related to Japanese culture, from traditional to J-Pop and Anime. So much to do and see, and hear -- and the Garden itself is a paradise of nature dropped into crowded city Brooklyn.

As is our custom at YokoDana, if you are a website visitor, customer, Facebook fan or know us primarily online, we have a code for you to use at the venue should you want to shop at our booth.  This year's code will again be:  Zen-Sushi, so please be sure to tell us the code BEFORE checking out. That way you'll get our web discount for that day. If you don't shop though, at least say hello and how you know us online. We love that.

To see pictures of what we've brought to past festivals please visit our venues page HERE. Yoko's sisters in Japan -- and Yoko -- have been making things all year long just for this event -- so we suggest you come early to get the best selection, especially of the hand-made tsumami zaiku, accessories.


  Brooklyn Botanic Garden Sakura Matsuri

Brooklyn, New York, Sat.-Sun., April 28-29, 2018, 10:00 to 5:00PM

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