20th Anniversary Selling Vintage Kimonos -- 2018 Summer Reflections, Yokodana.com

June 22, 2018 Yoko Lewis

Earlier today we included this note in our routine newsletter to members of our opt-in list and felt it might be nice to share it here, our ruminations on 20 years of selling vintage and antique Japanese Kimonos & Fabrics all over the world:

Summer Reflections -- Our 20th Anniversary for www.yokodana.com:

Let us close with this brief personal reflection as we enter our 20th year selling authentic, quality, vintage Japanese kimonos and fabrics online world-wide --

We recently heard from a member of our opt-in list who reminded us that she had been with us since the beginning, 1998 or so. There are in fact quite a few of members like her who have followed us as our little web business evolved. So, for you -- and all members no matter when you joined -- we repeat a hearty thank you for your interest and support.

In thinking back on twenty years of selling vintage Japanese kimonos and fabrics, a few things came to mind: First, while we are a business with an aim to make a reasonable profit, we also simply love sharing these wonderful pieces of Japanese culture with others who appreciate them as we do -- and there is no price we can put on that. We feel that traditional vintage and antique Japanese textiles have a special meaning and beauty not seen in many modern pieces. So, it is our joy to spread such beauty around the world. Our rewards for selling these fabrics and kimono transcend the financial.

We love it when customers or site visitors tell us their stories of how they came to love Japanese culture, kimonos or fabrics. We also take great pleasure in working with so many different creative folks, artists, artisans, designers etc. worldwide, as they take our old and used Japanese kimonos or fabrics and upcycle them, giving them a rebirth in a new creation of the 21st century. In so doing, they are paying homage to a traditional art form, couching it in a new expression or iteration. We love that.

We also love how traditional Japanese ethos and aesthetics are meant to be woven into the fabric of daily lives; this latter aspect of integrating beauty into one's daily life is especially important to us, given how challenging daily life is in 2018. We aim to offer small balms of quiet and beauty for folks to place in their daily life-space. We, therefore, are thankful to all the members and customers whose support has allowed us to continue doing this, now nigh onto twenty years. Thank you very much.

Warmest and sincere regards,

Yoko & Dana Lewis

YokoDana Kimono (Yoko Trading)

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