Book, Anna Jackson, ed. Kimono: Art and Evolution of Japanese Fashion

November 25, 2016 Yoko Lewis


Book cover: Kimono-Art and evolution of Japanese Fashion, Anna Jackson 1st ed.

Did we tell you about this recently published collection of writings by various experts on kimono culture? Check out: Kimono: The Art and Evolution of Japanese Fashion 1st Edition by Anna Jackson (Editor):

Excerpt of blurb from the Amazon.com description:

"...(book) showcases a magnificent range of kimonos from the the Khalili Collection, which comprises more than 200 garments and spans almost 300 years of Japanese textile artistry.Gorgeously illustrated and written by an international team of experts, the book surveys kimono of the imperial court, samurai aristocracy, and affluent merchant classes of the Edo period (1603–1868); the shifting styles and new color palette of Meiji period dress (1868–1912); and the bold and dazzling kimono of the Taisho (1912–26) and early Showa (1926–89) periods, when designers used innovative new techniques and fused traditional looks with inspiration from the modernist aesthetic then sweeping the world. 400 illustrations."

To learn more about and/or order the book on Amazon please click HERE.

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