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November 24, 2016 Yoko Lewis

Kimono for dolls, kimono no mirai on pinterest.com
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Website www.kimonoNoMirai.com Review by yokodana.com:

Here at YokoDana Kimono (yokodana.com) we like to share interesting things relating to kimono on our website whenever we come across them. This blog post is about one of them -- doll kimonos. The pictures here are from Kimono No Mirai in Japan (Kimono no mirai translates as 'future kimonos', or 'kimonos of the future' literally).

When we do our shows in the spring we are often asked if we carry kimonos for dolls. A few years ago we had Yoko's sister Honami in Japan (a master-level kimono maker) make one for us based on the popular American Girl-sized dolls.  However, this was a one-time thing and not something we decided to make and sell.
So, we were pleased to find KimonoNoMirai, via our  Pinterest.com account. After spending some time with the Pinterest pictures and then their website, we thought our kimono, kitsuke and Japanese cultural fans (most of our customers/site visitors) would enjoy this as much as we did. At the kimononomirai page there are many pictures, to include for Barbie Dolls on the Pinterest Page Here.
The bad news is that this is a Japanese language site. The good news is they do have a way to order via an English page, though it is somewhat difficult to use. It will take extra effort as you need to work between the Japanese and English pages to place an orderin English. They do take Paypal, which is a plus.
Here are the links:
Home page to see all KimonoNoMirai:  http://www.kimononomirai.com/
English language page:  http://kimono-no-mirai.jimdo.com/
(PS from YokoDana Kimono: If anyone happens to order from them from USA or elsewhere outside Japan we would appreciate hearing how it went for you, so we can advise our site visitors. Also, KimonoNoMirai is unaware of our review here so we get no financial benefit from this referral, we just like to spread the word of quality things pertaining to traditional Japanese culture and kimono.)

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