7407:1930s-50s Japanese Vintage Kimono Silk Fabric,AraiHari,54in.Piece

7407:1930s Japanese Kimono Silk,middle

Vintage Japanese Textiles:

1940s-1950s Kimono Crepe Silk Fabric Piece 
Modernistic, Impressionistic Influences?

Width: 13.25 inches / 33.7 cm
Length: 54 inches / 137.16 cm

Catalog# 7407:

US$19.00 per piece plus shipping


Fabric History/Provenance: Pieces received from a traditional Japanese kimono cleaner/reconstructor called Arai-Hari -- see an excellent explanation of traditional Arai Hari by textile expert John Marshall, by click-pushing HERE.

Fabric Description: This is lightweight silk is from a woman's kimono; Background color is mauve, but whole of fabric is filled with flowers, leaves etc in shades of blue, giving the fabric an almost blue and yellow piece when viewed from a distance; The style of the flora here is quite different from almost all kimono fabrics we see from this period (Post-War, late 1940s to 1950s); The boundaries of lines and figures are clear and distinct contrast; Motif seems almost to have an Impressionistic influence to our eye; The brightly colored flowers and stems are pale yellow, white and moss-greens (see close-ups); This fabric seems to be textured in the same way that chirimen is, so it is lightly textured to the touch;  Print is on one side but slightly visible on reverse; minimal drape; Recommended for making scarf/accessories.

Colors: Please use our text descriptions to complement your sense of the colors, as color and contrast differ on different devices.

$ 19.00

7407:1930s-50s Japanese Vintage Kimono Silk Fabric,AraiHari,54in.Piece