FAQ: Business Information (Site navigation,hours, communication etc)

Hello! Thanks for visiting. We are Yoko Trading, Yoko Lewis, also known as "Yokodana" and "YokoDana Kimono". This page is a collection of answers to common questions on various practical information about our business and web site which we have received over the years.

  • How to best navigate YokoDana.com :
    On the home page you can scroll down to see our product categories and search by going to the "Collections" section:  Bulk Kimono Packages, Silk Fabrics by Piece,Cotton Fabrics by Piece, Other type fabrics by piece. To look through our many information pages select from the top menu bar on every page. There is also an excellent search feature where you can search by tags or keywords, price and other criteria. You can also search our site and products by keyword via our search link.

  • Use our Site Map

  • Kimono and Vintage Japanese Fabric FAQs HERE
    These FAQ and information sheets have been accumulated from site visitors and customers since 1998.

  • Bulk Kimono Packages by pound,FAQs HERE:
    These FAQ and information sheets have been accumulated from site visitors and customers since 1998 and are essential to read in order to better understand our bulk vintage kimono packages.

  • About communicating with us:
These are our priorities in replying to you & other details:
  1. Notices concerning order status, shipping schedules etc: These are our first priority, answering within 24 hrs when here. (We post our office schedule on our blog if we're going to be away.)
  2. Confirmation of orders submitted through our secure page: First you receive an automated acknowledgement that your order was submitted securely via our cart order system. 
  3. Shipment Advice: An email is sent when your package is shipped, it will contain tracking information and links.
  4. Response to customer communications: We try to reply to routine bona fide emails within 24 hours during business hours Monday to Friday. Background information requests  may take longer to reply. When we are away we leave word in our Blog and Facebook Pages.
  5. General requests for information: We provide cultural and background information about the Japanese cultural items we sell. As we are a commercial site and not an informational site we sometimes cannot answer some questions right away.  In an effort to provide this information we have a substantial FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) section about vintage and traditional Japanese garments & textiles, etc. We also link to various experts and informational sites in our recommended links page.
  6. Appraisals: Sorry, we no longer provide these. We once were affiliated with Eppraisals.com but they are defunct. However, we can point you in a good direction: For  information on recommendations for appraisals please click | touch HERE
  7. Special Orders:  We will try to fill special requests but prefer to ask folks to first look at what we have on our site before contacting us. If we feel we can possibly fill a request (no commitment on your part), we'll let you know & put you in our "customer wish list", or, in some cases offer you something we have on hand in inventory but not posted to the web site.
  8. Our Office Hours/ Availability: We have irregular office hours. Best times to try to reach us (all times Eastern USA):
Tuesday to Friday -- between 10:00AM 2:00PM
Saturdays & Sundays -- variable.

  • Your telephone messages: Our voice mail is secure and only retrieved by us. If you call and miss us, please leave your name, a BRIEF message, and best time and number to return the call. Please state reason for your call and your location (country if international, time zone if USA/Canada). 
Yoko Lewis
YokoDana Kimono (adba Yoko Trading)
4 Medill Lane
Newark,DE 19711

USA Telephone (Local/International): 1+302-353-4506
Direct Email Address: (not a link:  
direct email address, not an email link )
JAPAN: Locations in Kumamoto and Osaka Japan; All contacts go through USA location.

We are not set up to receive customers at our Delaware or Japanese locations.