How To Buy Kimono Online: Purchase Guidelines by YokoDana

BACKGROUND -- What is this page about?

 So, are you looking for kimono online? Maybe we can help you in your search. You probably come with at least one of the following questions:

  • Are you interested in kimonos?
  • Are you a fashionista and love the look you've seen out there in the web-world or any media?
  • But what if you are more interested in traditional kimono(s) as worn in Japan for centuries?
  • What is the best way to find them online? 
  • How does the average shopper find high quality and authentic vintage Japanese kimono(s) online?

These are all good questions. But It's not a simple matter for someone who wants the 'real thing'. This is because any web search (Google, Bing, DuckDuckGo, Yahoo -- or even Etsy.com.) of the the keywords "kimono" or, "buy kimono online" offers up a dizzying array of all sorts of garments, many of them are titled 'kimono' but are simply not what Japanese consider when using that term.

In fact, many of these are called 'kimono' but are adaptations, not what real kimonos look like (when made for traditional Japanese wear). Many of these 'kimonos' are made off-shore (usually China), and often of lesser quality. They have their uses and are fine for the casual buyer, but will disappoint someone looking for true Japanese kimono.

So...since we've been selling authentic Japanese kimono online since 1998, - and I was born and raised in Japan, so know a thing or two about kimono - we thought we would help you in your search by listing several FAQ type pages that we created over the years in response to site visitors questions, as follow:

We are sure these will help you decide on what to buy -- even if it's not from us on yokodana.com 😊.

Happy hunting.

Yoko Lewis
YokoDana Kimono  (adba Yoko Trading)

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