YokoDana Kimono: COVID19 Statement June 27,2020

June 27, 2020 Yoko Lewis

YokoDana Kimono's Statement about COVID19:

We have been on lock-down here in Delaware USA for over three months now and been more than busy filling orders the whole time. It appears that folks are gathering things for projects to do -- hobby or business-wise -- during the Pandemic. We ourselves -- including family in USA and Japan -- are well. We want to thank the many who have been writing to check in on us, your thoughtfulness is much appreciated. We also have been getting many questions about the status of our supplies of vintage kimonos (for our bulk kimono packages) so want to make all aware of how the Pandemic is affecting our business:

  • SUPPLIES: Our operations of gathering bulk kimonos all around Japan continue. It is, however, slowed considerably since February. As a result, we are simply not able to bring in kimono supplies as often as we did pre-COVID. We anticipate this will continue for at least 3 months. In short, we will continue selling our bulk kimonos during the Pandemic, but due to increased times between import shipments arrival here in USA, many products will need to be sold on a waitlist basis. Another factor slowing things down is that we ship these intp USA via ship and then rail inside USA, not by postal means. There are slowdowns at the port, and also in the shipment sequences from the port to our location in Delaware. So -- you'll be able to get your bulk packages, but more slowly and for some customers in lower amounts.

  • WAITLISTS: As of today, we have a back-log of pre-orders, standing orders and waitlist requests for the following products: 110-A ("A Package" Silk, Womens), 110-NAG (Ladies Nagajubans) and others. We are presently working on them, and it is our practice to send invoice for payment just prior to ship-out. WaitList Items will show as zero inventory on our web shop.

    We also have had to limit poundage available to some of our commercial customers (we'll communicate privately with them). We are sensitive to the fact that many of our customers are small businesses, entrepreneurs, and artists/artisans who rely on us to supply them with our bulk kimonos and fabrics.

    To be sure that we enable our many commercial customers to get their fair share during this slowdown, we may ask some folks to lower their routine orders. For details on how we run the waitlist, please see here: http://www.yokodana.com/waitlist .

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