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August 03, 2016 Yoko Lewis

WindWhisperWest.com Logo- Kimono Shop Museum in Wabasha
Uchikake Japanese Wedding Kimono, Wind Whisper West
In a small shop in Wabasha, Minnesota is a treasure trove of wedding kimonos like the one above(picture is from their website www.windwhisperwest.com ). The story of how it came to be that a place remote from big cities would have such a marvelous collection was featured in today's(8/3/16) Star Tribune. We here at www.yokodana.com learned about it in an article published today by the Star Tribune which begins,

Standing amid the exotic kimono garments in Jan Fuller’s shop, you may suspect its front door is a “Twilight Zone” portal.

One moment, you’re in Wabasha, Minn., strolling past Hardware Hank and Eagle Valley Chiropractic. The next, you’re in Kyoto, Japan, contemplating cherry blossoms.

Yet Wabasha, known as an eagle sanctuary and setting for the 1993 movie, “Grumpy Old Men,” also is home to what’s likely the largest private retail collection of Japanese wedding kimono in the world.

It’s like stocking Lake Wobegon with koi.

“This is a place unique for Wabasha, Minn., but even for the world,” said Fuller, who added that even she sometimes wondered at her husband Richard’s claim of having an unparalleled collection. “I thought, ‘Can this be true?’

Read rest of the article here...

. (besides the story of the shop, article has lots of info on the wedding kimono, including the fact that their original costs run $10,000 to US$50,000 and higher and more originally -- there's also a nice video in the article) Minnesotans are truly lucky!

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