REVIEW: Spoon & Tamago, Outstanding Japan Blog -- Modern Ukiyoe Prints & More

April 08, 2018 Yoko Lewis


James Jean Contemporary Ukiyoe

Spoon & Tamago:  Our hands-down new favorite blog about things Japanese -- old culture, new culture-- Art, Design & Culture

Above is a recently made woodblock print by James Jean, Adachi, from a blog posted by Spoon and Tamago. We simply love the wide variety and highly creative things they bring to their blog, well written and top-drawer visuals. As collectors ourselves of traditional Ukiyoe (Wood Block Prints of the "Floating World"), we were struck by this print, modern in content but classically traditional in the artisan hand-crafted with 17th-century techniques used to make it.

Check out the article from Spoon and Tamago's latest newsletter, April 5, 2018:

Contemporary Ukiyoe

For 90 years The Adachi Institute of Woodcut Prints has carried on the tradition of Japan’s woodcut print techniques. But the Tokyo-based studio is not beholden to the past. Rather, they’ve been actively collaborating with contemporary artists to create contemporary ukiyoe woodblock prints using the same 17th century techniques....

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