Showcase: Wedding Dress Made From YokoDana's Vintage Kimono

November 07, 2020 Yoko Lewis

Showcase:  Wedding Dress Made From Vintage Kimono

Pam T., Canada
Customer Showcase:

Here on yokodana.com we like to post on our web site when people have creatively used our vintage Japanese kimonos and fabrics in their work, so we are happy to share pictures and emails from Pam T. of Calgary, Canada who made her wedding dress  from a vintage kimono.  Starting in January of this year (2020) Pam approached us saying she wanted to use a vintage kimono to make her own wedding dress. She ended up getting our “A Package”.

In a series of emails to us since then, she shared the story of her process of choosing which kimono to use of the 8 or so in her 10lbs bundle, as well as how she went about constructing her wedding dress. Pam has shared pictures and details on her process in creating her wedding dress, so we'll include here her various email notations below. We know that many of our visitors like this sort of detail, so we’re sharing it in a showcase page of our website HERE. Enjoy!


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