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April 02, 2019 Yoko Lewis

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SITE REVIEW: KimonoAsobi.com

Since starting and running websites in 1998 (mainly www.yokodana.com, our home site and web store of YokoDana KImono) we have always loved little sites that folks start out of a specific passion -- we call them niche sites. They are always acts of love at first. But the kind of niche sites we love are those where someone is just passionate, even a bit crazy, about a particular area of interest, and end up sometimes with encyclopedic coverage of their area of interest.

But then, because of the love and attention to detail -- plus reams of good quality information about (the whatever of the niche site) -- it grows, often turning into a successful business. Naomi's site, originally Immortal Geisha, was one such site.

So today's blog arises from our doing our routine search engine work and coming across a page we first read over five years ago, and seeing that it had grown. Naomi tells how her passion evolved and spread. We just love it.

This  page (link below) is a great story of how someone took a passion for kitsuke (wearing kimono) and went in very interesting directions. We know Naomi from her Immortal Geisha incarnation and also as a customer of our site, www.yokodana.com years ago.

So we invite you to check out kimonoasobi.com. Also, Naomi and her followers have also built a remarkable -- dare I say formidable-- wiki all about Geisha, Maiko, kimono,etc etc. We recommend it highly as well. Happy reading! 

(Page we reviewed above: http://kimonoasobi.com/miscellaneous/welcome-to-naomi-no-kimono-asobi/

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