NHK Video Sept1.2018: Kimono Revolution (49min)

January 05, 2019 Yoko Lewis

Kimono Revolution -- NHK Video (49min)

Not sure if this has been spread around yet, we came across it again and think our visitors / fans who love kimono might find this video very interesting. It is from NHK (the PBS / NPR of Japan, only in Japan NHK is well-funded with a great budget from the government, thus extensive programming)

From NHK: English 49 minute video on-demand at:


Broadcast on September 1, 2018:
Yoshimasa Takakura, a kimono shop owner from Fukuoka Prefecture has launched an unprecedented project: to produce elaborate kimono representing every single one of the 206 countries and regions around the world. His goal? The 2020 Tokyo Olympics ... he'd like to see all the placard bearers wear the kimono at the opening ceremony. Takakura is fighting to save the declining kimono industry by calling on artisans from all around Japan to come together and create innovative designs. The program follows Takakura's quest to bring new life to an old tradition.

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