Modern Furisode for Wedding Wear -- Old and new combined Japanese artistry

January 30, 2017 Yoko Lewis

source:the-wedding.jp, via Bloglovin.com TheKimonoGallery-modern furisode
Source: the-wedding.jp
Thanks to TheKimonoGallery on Tumblr.com for making us aware of this recently designed furisode created for wear while attending a wedding. We love this sort of thing and know that many of our regular visitors, fans and customers do too so wanted to share it here.

So why do we blog about it here? Let us explain:
As sellers of vintage and antique Japanese kimonos and kimono fabrics, and as someone raised in Japan surrounded by their beauty, we have a deep appreciation for what modern artists and designers do in giving new expressions to ancient Japanese themes.
As part of our curiosity about such things we recently added a great platform to help us scour the internet blogs etc,, bloglovin.com, where we found this picture from tumblr.com. We are particularly interested in new and creative ways that artists and designers incorporate or use traditional Japanese aesthetics in contemporary works. As our focus is on traditional kimonos, vintage and antique, we love especially when we learn of what present-day kimono designers in Japan are doing with the traditional kimono, particularly when they honor the tradition while still making something unique and creative.
The picture above is one fine example. As we see it, this furisode maintains the form and sense of the traditional furisode, and even keeps the sort of designs(crane,floral) seen in our vintage and antique kimonos. However, if you look closely you'll see that the crane and the flourish shapes -- while resembling a traditional crane -- are decidedly modern; thus honoring tradition, even celebrating it by a freshly creative rendering. The more we looked at this kimono, the more we liked it. We hope you will too.

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