Fun Inspiration For Kimono Designs

September 11, 2017 Dana Lewis

Generally speaking, we have design expectations for kimonos. We imagine silky or other very light fabrics, bright colors, and floral patterns, for instance. But a fashionable kimono can have any number of different designs. Particularly if you’re looking into designing kimonos for a specific event – for instance, they’re very popular gifts from a bride to her bridesmaids before a wedding – using a theme can be a great deal of fun.

We’ll leave the specific designs to those of you who are interested in buying fabrics and doing the work on your own. But here are a few fun ideas for thematic inspiration for special occasion kimonos.

Favorite Animals

As mentioned, floral patterns are very common in kimonos, but these garments can also be embroidered with designs from other aspects of nature as well. Looking through some of the best patterns that have been shared on Pinterest, one that stands out shows a beautifully rendered peacock standing in tall grass. This has to make you imagine all kinds of different kimonos with favorite animals used as themes. Such kimonos would make excellent gifts, and could be unique to each recipient.

Famous Paintings

This is a very difficult challenge for all but the most artistic designers, but it’s also quite an attractive concept. Instead of going for an original pattern, consider crafting an imitation of a famous, popular painting, such as Vincent van Gogh’s “Starry Night,” or perhaps any of Claude Monet’s water lilly paintings. These are recognizable but impressionist, which means if they’re rendered with a lack of total precision they may still look just right shimmering on the backs of kimonos.

Mythical Robes

This is a somewhat vague concept, but there’s a certain image to the Greek and Roman gods of myth as they’re commonly portrayed. You may go back to films like Troy or Immortals for inspiration. For a more modern take, the “Age Of The Gods” game series online has a mythological theme based on the gods of ancient Greece, and showcases animated goddesses in rich and impressive outfits. Again, it’s somewhat vague, but these game animations coupled with cinematic images of mythological goddesses could give you an idea for how to design an almost godly-looking kimono.

“Game Of Thrones” Houses

Let’s face facts: everyone is obsessed with Game Of Thrones. The show has become the biggest event on television, internet forums are full to bursting with fan commentary and theories, and people are so impatient for the sixth book that they’re trying to decipher codes from author George R.R. Martin about its release date. So, naturally, a Thrones theme for a kimono would be fun for a lot of people! And it doesn’t have to be particularly over-the-top. Kimonos in the colors of the “houses” from the story, along with their insignias and/or mottos, would actually be the simplest of all these designs.
Game of Thrones Designs
These are just a few fun ideas to keep in mind. There are certainly traditional looks for kimonos, but as you may begin to see reading this list, you can really do just about anything you like with them!

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