Customer Showcase: Textile Artist Christine Williams - Organza Appliqués

October 29, 2019 Yoko Lewis

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Christine Williams 1

Christine Williams

Organza Appliqués

NOTE: We like to share on our web site when people have creatively used our vintage Japanese kimono fabrics in their artistic work. Christine Williams of California (USA) sent us some sample pictures of how she had used our vintage kimono fabrics so we asked her to tell us about the pictures and anything about them she cared to share. 
Yoko Lewis 

Back Story:

Since 1998 we have been frequently amazed -- and impressed -- with the varied ways in which folks creatively use our vintage Japanese kimonos and fabrics. In fact, we have been keeping a running list of them HERE

Actually, up until 2016 we used to have a "Guest Gallery" on our website for customers to showcase things which they had made from kimonos or fabrics which they purchased on www.yokodana.com -- or bought in person at one of our venues. However, over time we had not kept it up to date, so when we upgraded our e-commerce platform in 2017 we did not continue with the gallery.

Fast forward to late 2019: We continue to see some truly special things made from vintage kimono fabrics by a wide variety of artists and in various media. Therefore we decided to resurrect a section of our website where we can showcase some of the art and artistry of our customers. We know that many of our website visitors are what we like to call 'creative types', so we are sure that many of you will enjoy seeing how others use these special vintage Japanese kimono fabrics -- perhaps to even spark your own inspiration. 

Christine Williams (USA):

Our newest addition to the Customer Showcase is Christine Williams, a textile artist from  California, USA.  After she sent us some pictures of how she had used fabrics she purchased from us we asked her to send more and we'd post them here, as we found them very interesting and distinctively creative.

Christine Williams 2

Christine's Comments on these pieces begin:

I call them Organza Appliqués (for lack of another term)..... they are not quilting as people often ask or assume. I use vintage and antique discarded Kimono and occasionally Obi pieces cut into shapes and strips that I weave and apply by appliqué method to silk organza.

I started doing this when I discovered my fascination with Japanese textiles their beauty and unique patterns and processes after buying a “bale” of kimono in San Francisco. Being a sewer since age 5 I thought to myself I could “paint” with fabric. The year was about 2000. 

My work is about things I love or am passionate about such as geometry, flowers trees leaves, botany in general, my family, the world situation in general, 9/11 in particular....
To see full showcase, more pictures with artist's explanations click-touch HERE.

We thank Christine for sharing her work with us on yokodana.com.


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