Book Review: Dharma Delight, by Musho Allan Rodney Greenblat on JREF.COM

June 30, 2016 Yoko Lewis

We here at YokoDana Kimono(yokodana.com) are posting this because we think many of our regulars(who are Anime and JPop enthusiasts among other things Japan-related) might like this review and the book itself, given its quirky and visual approach to a traditional subject -- Buddhism & Zen; the latter are more often treated in more serious and staid fashion. Check it out:

Dharma Delight: Book Cover, Tuttle Press(To see the book on Amazon.com please click image above)
Nahadef, a Canadian living in Sapporo, Japan and contributor to the Japan Reference Site and Forum, JREF.COM recently posted a review of this book on that site May 28, 2016. The review opens with this:
Buddhism and Zen are the subjects of Musho Rodney Alan Greenblat’s colourful new book, Dharma Delight. I’m a lover of Zen (and Buddhism to an extent), and I’m a practicing artist, so really is up my alley. JREF thought I would feel comfortable reviewing it. I was apprehensive upon flipping through the book. Still, the introduction won me over quite a lot with two points:
  1. He talks of being in Japan and asking about Zen to Japanese friends, and they couldn’t answer. While Zen is still practised in Japan, this is how it is. Japanese by and large have no interest in the topic, much less relevant info to share. In the same way, lacrosse is the national sport of Canada, but please don’t ask me about it, my attempt to answer would only mislead you. I can feel this is an honest journey he’s undergone.

  2. He ends the intro with the words, “as I know it,” which is the key when talking about this whole topic. There is a lot of writing on the subject, and while I wouldn’t say there are so many conflicting statements, there are a lot of ways to interpret things. By not claiming to be an authority on the subject, it left my mind open to his vision of it, without getting frustrated that he was setting down ground rules for Buddhism and Zen.
....To read whole review click HERE.

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