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Yoko Lewis at YokoDana Kimono venue

Welcome Quilters!

We are YokoDana Kimono of www.yokodana.com, a web-based family business offering bulk vintage kimono by-pound, vintage Japanese fabrics in lots, yards, bolts/rolls and pieces and much more since 1989.

As for the owner, Yoko Lewis has been in business since 1989, and on-line since 1998 . We have an office in Japan as well as our main office in Delaware, USA; we ship from the USA office.Yoko is third generation of a family in Japan which has been dealing in Japanese arts and antiques since the late 1800's. Her full story is here.

This page is just for our quilters: We've not done an in-depth analysis but we believe that many of our customers are quilters. Our most popular product -- "A Package", bulk kimono fabric by the pound -- is indeed bought by many quilters, both individuals and groups who combine to place an order.

As a convenience to our quilters we have placed handy links in one place on this page -- the areas of our site which we believe to be of interest to quilters in particular, below:


Quilters' Handy Links:

  • Quilting Fabric -- Vintage Kimono Fabrics by the pound:
    We offer various packages described in great detail starting here. Please be sure to start with the details which apply to all types of packages, and then read each package for specifics. Look for our "A Package", it's the favorite among our quilting customers.

  • Quilting Fabric -- Vintage Japanese Fabric pieces: The use of vintage Japanese kimonos for quilting fabric is on the rise. These sections of our site show the pieces we have which may go well with your next quilting pattern or project.There are several sections here, just follow your interest and click the links to get to each section.

  • Quilters' On-line (and other) resources: We've been blessed with generous customers and visitors who often pass along info and sites to us for sharing on the site. There are some splendid portals and resources in our 'E-Neighborhood', as well as links to books of interest to quilters, in our Good Links page.(A note: We do not put just anything in this section, preferring to only put quality links truly relevant to the themes of our site -- and therefore of interest to many of our visitors.)

  • Testimonials: We strongly believe that one good testimonial (unsolicited) is worth more than 1000 words of our best advertising copy. We also find that the passion of quilters and fabric enthusiasts is such that the ways in which they give us testimonials also help newcomers decide whether or not to trust us or give something a try. Please read them HERE.

    We therefore welcome you to our site. If you have any ideas, criticism or merely want to discuss something with us, please see our contact info page or send a message via our web mail form . We are always learning from our customers and visitors and enjoy meeting and talking with them. We hope you enjoy your visit to yokodana.com

    Yoko Lewis