P-1003: Handmade Kinchaku Purse w/Vintage Kimono Fabrics

P1003: Kinchaku purse handmade w/vintage kimono

Handmade Kinchaku Purses
Honami Nakashima Collection
Classical Japanese Girls Ceremonial Themes
(Flowers, fans etc)

Catalog#: P-1003


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 By popular demand, we are making some of Honami Nakashima's handmade items available here on our website. Most of her work we have been selling only at venues until now. To learn more about her work click-touch HERE.

Kinchaku purses (drawstring purses) are often worn by younger ladies with kimono or yukata in summer. This series is outer shell made from vintage Japanese silk kimono fabric from our supplies here at YokoDana Kimono. We use newer cotton for the inner linings and new cords.

Size:   9 inches x 10 inches (22.86 cm X 25.4 cm).

Description:  Purse is equal parts pin and deep purple with many various colored flowers, fans, leaves, pine trees etc, traditional images associated with youthful themes(the sorts seen on girls ceremonial kimono); pink drawstring and liner.


$ 20.00

P-1003: Handmade Kinchaku Purse w/Vintage Kimono Fabrics