OPT-IN MEMBERS LOTTERY October 17, 2020: Bulk Kimono Sampler 1

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October 17, 2020

Sampler Bundle:
1 Garment each from 8 of 110-Series Bulk Kimono Packages

Catalog#:  110-SAMPLER1

US$90.00 Plus Shipping
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On Offer:

One garment each from the following 110-Series bulk kimono packages:

  • 1 Lady's 110-A Long Kimono.
  • Lady's 110A-SOLID long kimono.
  • 1 Lady's  110-MSN long meisen  kimono.
  • 1 Lady's  110-NAG long nagajuban (under-kimono).
  • 1 Lady's  110-OHSHIMA1 or OHSHIMA2, light to dark, long lady's Ohshima kimono).
  • 1 Boy's  110-BOYS long ceremonial kimono.
  • 1 Girl's  110-GIRLS long ceremonial kimono.
  • 1 Girl's Solid long kimono.

 These are all of the same quality and types as described in our 10lbs vintage bulk kimono packages (110-Series bulk kimono) and are sold for cutting, artwork, design, DIY, crafts, etc.; Since these are vintage (used, recycled, upcycled) kimonos, there may be some imperfections,  slight stains, but never rag quality -- At least 90% of the outer garment fabrics are usable for projects.

Note also that while these are sold as fabric supply, we have many customers worldwide who resell these in vintage and other type shops or at events; many customers also use these for casual vintage wear, costume, and Anime Cosplay, etc.

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$ 90.00

OPT-IN MEMBERS LOTTERY October 17, 2020: Bulk Kimono Sampler 1