MB-1008:Handmade Japanese Kimono Fabric Makeup Bag Made in Japan

MB-1008:Handmade Japanese Kimono  Makeup BagL

Cosmetic /  Make-up Bag

YokoDana Custom-Hand-Made Collection

Catalog#: MB-1008


USA Shipping Included Under 4 lbs Package Weight.

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By popular demand, we are happy to now offer our own YokoDana Collection of hand-made bags and purses on our website. All are made from traditional kimono fabrics by our own artisans in Japan. We ship from Delaware USA; Delivery in one week or sooner to addresses inside USA.


Material:  Outer shell is Japanese kimono cotton fabric; liner is water-resistant quilt-backing fabric; High quality workmanship by Japanese artisans located in Japan.

Size:   4.8 inches x 6.4  inches x 2 inches (12 cm X 16 cm x 5cm), weight: 1 oz. (28.35g)

Design: Using traditional classic Japanese kimono cotton fabrics, design is dark reddish-burgundy background with geometric flower grid field; Designs are  multiple flowers with some  accents in light metallic gold; flowers are peonies, chrysanthemums  and colored maple leaves; colors of flowers are varied from dark colonial to aqua-blue, pink, light blues, pins and whites; note the golden accents on flowers and leaves. (Please see close-ups).


$ 11.75

MB-1008:Handmade Japanese Kimono Fabric Makeup Bag Made in Japan