HH-5779: Haori-Himo: 13 Pairs Vintage Silk Braided Haori Ties

13 pairs (26pcs) Haori-Himo HH-5779

Catalog #: HH-5779

Kimono Accessories: Haori-Himo

US$22.00 for 13 Pairs(26 cords)

Size: Average length is about 8 inches / 20.32 cm

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These are hand-braided silk vintage ties made in Japan from the 1950s to the 1980s, sometimes older. They are used but clean and in excellent condition; Cords are sold in pairs so if using for crafts or creative projects you get 26 braided cords.

These type himo (cords, also called kumi-himo) are made originally for use with women's haori (kimono jacket). This type himo  is worn as an accessory. Each cord is attached to the loops located on each lapel on the  front waist area of the haori, and then tied together. They should be tied loosely as they are not intended to close or bunch up the haori, but are more of an accessory; also, note that this type kimono coat is worn hanging down in front, not crossed or tied with an obi(sash).

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We have information about Obijime, Mens and Jewelry type himo HERE.


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HH-5779: Haori-Himo: 13 Pairs Vintage Silk Braided Haori Ties