110-OHSHIMA-5KIMONO: 5 Kimonos Older Japanese Doro-Ohshima Tsumugi MudSilk

110-OHSHIMA-5: Pile of 5 kimonos

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Catalog#: 110-OHSHIMA-5KIMONO 
(Doro-Ohshima & Iro-Ohshima)

Rare Older Japanese Textiles: 

Traditional Hand-Made Mud & Plant-Dyed
(Doro-Ohshima & Iro-Ohshima)
Ohshima Tsumugi
  Silk Kimono Garments
Lot of 5 Kimono Garments

US$95.00 + Shipping

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Item Details and Description


We gather these kimonos throughout the year as we sort to fill routine orders of all our other bulk vintage kimono packages, and post this product to our web store when we have five kimonos. Ohshima Tsumugi is hand-made using plant and mud-based dyes, and is also known for intricate designs and weaving (See further below for more cultural background on Ohshima Tsumugi). 

These Ohshima Tsumugi kimonos are from Kagoshima prefecture, Ohshima island, and from the pre-1960s. These are not the shiny type made more recently (since the 1970s) in the same region in Japan. Tsumugi has been historically prized by the Japanese as very high-quality silk, a luxury item. Due to its labor-intensive and plant/mud-based process, it has always been among the most expensive silks in Japan. My generation Japanese (b.1947),  when seeing someone in an Ohshima Tsumugi garment would likely think that the wearer must be wealthy (smile). Also, The Imperial Family is known to wear this type of silk garment since the olden times, thus, in our humble opinion, among Japanese, it is sort of a status thing (among older traditional Japanese at least).


These five (5) Ohshima Tsumugi (pongee) kimonos are sold primarily as cutters, though some customers use them for casual wear. This lot of 5 garments is comprised of 5 long kimonos, including mostly doro (mud) Ohshima and 1 burgundy-rust colored kimono (iro-Ohshima); The type of fabric used in making these garments is called Ohshima Tsumugi (pongee) silk. These are from 1930s-1960’s.

Product pictures shown are SAMPLES of the type and colors in each package, which will be unique.

Colors:  Packages are usually a majority of darker colors Ohshima. OUR PICTURES ARE SAMPLES OF THE TYPE OF DESIGNS SEEN IN THIS PACKAGE. 

Condition: Cutters -- VERY GOOD TO EXCELLENT, some minor imperfections but are in remarkable condition for their age.

 Recommended:  Ohshima tsumugi silks are popular among Antique Japanese textile aficionados and collectors, as well as preferred by quilters and others with projects requiring smaller patterns (interwoven); See below for examples of a handbag and also a designer woman's jacket made using this type of fabric.divider image scroll down please


To learn about the older Ohshima textiles used in making the kimonos in this package, there are details on that aspect of Japan's special pongee silk-making process which can be found on the National Foundation for Promoting the National Costume of Japan website. The site explains the natural plant dyes and mud  etc. used in making older (1950s and earlier) Ohshima Tsumugi silks, quoted here:

Characteristics: A plain woven silk fabric with pre-dyed scoured threads both for warp and weft. The color is refined and calm and the fabric is soft and difficult to wrinkle. Threads are dyed with plant dyes such as "Techiki" (Raphilolepis umbellata) and indigo (Persicaria tinctoria) with a technique, peculiar only to "Oshima Tsumugi," called "Ori Jime." As a variety, an additional treatment is made to the dyed thread by dipping them in muddy water. It is "Doro(mud) Zome(dyeing)." There are several kinds of "Oshima Tsumugi":"Doro Oshima," "Ai(indigo) Oshima," "Doro Ai Oshima," "Iro(color) Oshima" and "Natsu(summer) Oshima."
To learn more about the history of Ohshima Tsumugi, see our blog post about it HERE.
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Below: Hand-made purse using 1930's Doro Ohshima tsumugi silk, made by Fumi Sakanashi, YokoDana Kimono's owner's sister, an award-winning quilter in Japan. The Doro Ohshima (mud-dyed) is the center patterned portion on both sides, with the solid areas and handles being new; shown in pictures below:

handmade purse, 1930s Doro-Ohshima fabric1
handmade purse, 1930s Doro-Ohshima fabric2
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Below: Hand-made jacket using 1930's Doro Ohshima tsumugi silk,
made by YokoDana Kimono customer
Designer Jacket by Carol Lambright, using yokodana's older Ohshima Tsumugi silk
To see more pictures and extensive commentary by the maker of this jacket - a customer of yokodana.com - please visit her Showcase page on our website, link below:

 Carol Lambright (USA): Fashion Design Jacket from YokoDana's Vintage Ohshima Tsumugi Silk


$ 95.00

110-OHSHIMA-5KIMONO: 5 Kimonos Older Japanese Doro-Ohshima Tsumugi MudSilk