D-1003: Handmade Dolls: Otedama Kitty-Cat Mini-dolls

kitty kat otedama mini-dolls, honami nakashima

Otedama Kitty-Cat Mini-Dolls
Honami Nakashima Collection

Catalog#: D-1003
#1 to #5

US$15.00 each
Plus shipping
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By popular demand, we are making some of Honami Nakashima's handmade items available on our  website. Most of her work we have been selling only at venues until now. To learn more about her work click-touch HERE.

To order these dolls please use the  link below which takes you to a secure order form. It does NOT process charges immediately. Please fill out the order form indicating doll(s) by numbers (D-1001-1, D-1001-2 etc). Each doll is $15.00. 

Once we receive your order we'll calculate shipping and send an invoice for you to complete payment. 


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$ 15.00

D-1003: Handmade Dolls: Otedama Kitty-Cat Mini-dolls