5161: 1960's Japanese Silk Piece,Deadstock 1 yd/.91m

5161: vintage Japanese silk fabric, chrysanthemums, 1/2 yd

1970's Japanese Textiles:
Deadstock Silk Kimono Fabric

Width:14.125(1/8) inches / 35.9cm
Length: 1 yard / .91m
Small Chrysanthemums Motif
Catalog# 5161

US$8.00 per yard(91cm)

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Item Details and Description

  • Fabric History/Pedigree: 1970's, Found as roll.

  • Fabric Description: Deadstock(never used), Japanese vintage kimono fabric.

  • Fabric Type: silk, Light-medium Weight, motifs are interwoven, same on both sides.

  • Measurements: width=14.125(1/8) inches/35.9cm selvedge to selvedge; Length= 1yard/.91m; chrysanthemums measure about one inch (26mm).

  • Colors: soft light lavender with hint of light cocoa(Depends on type of lighting, color changes.)

  • Motifs:Interwoven chrysanthemums throughout.

  • Condition: Excellent.

      $ 8.00

      5161: 1960's Japanese Silk Piece,Deadstock 1 yd/.91m