7354: 1960s Japanese Vintage Kimono Silk Fabric,AraiHari,48in.Piece

7354:1960s Japan Kimono Silk Piece, 48in.

Vintage Japanese Textiles:

1960s Kimono  Silk Fabric Piece Arai-Hari

Width: 13.5 inches/ 34.29 cm
Length: 48 inches / 127 cm

Catalog# 7354:

US$15.00 per piece


Fabric History/Provenance: Pieces received from a traditional Japanese kimono cleaner/reconstructor called Arai-Hari -- see an excellent explanation of traditional Arai Hari by textile expert John Marshall,by click-pushing HERE.

Fabric Description: This lightweight silk, minimal translucence, for use in making a woman's kimono;fabric has a very slight textured patterns evocative of chirimen(seen in closeups); Background color is pinkish-peach color with lowest part in dark purple; with motifs of chrysanthemums,cherry-blossoms, bamboo leaves, flowers; these designs are in the bottom 18 inches (45.72cm) with the solid area above for about 30 inches(76.2cm);  designs are intended for one side display; the fabric is very slightly textured to the touch but not damask; slight drape.

Recommended for making scarf/accessories.

Colors: Please use our text descriptions to complement your sense of the colors, as color and contrast differ on different devices.


$ 15.00

7354: 1960s Japanese Vintage Kimono Silk Fabric,AraiHari,48in.Piece