7287: 1960's Japanese Silk Formal Kimono Fabric Deadstock, 62 in.Piece

7287: 1960s Japan Formal Kimono Silk,62"

1960's Japanese Deadstock Silk Formal Kimono Fabric
Multiple Flowers w/Metallic Gold Accents

Catalog# 7287

Width: 14.25 inches / 36.2 cm
Length: 62 inches / 157.48 cm

US$20.00 / piece
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Item Details and Description

Fabric History/Pedigree: 1960's pieces woman's kimono silk intended to make formal kimonos; (Deadstock means old inventory which is like new but has been in storage, never been used)

Fabric Description: Japanese vintage silk kimono fabric used to make a formal women's kimono; the fabric is medium weight with thin metallic gold threading interwoven throughout, mostly as outer edges or lines in flowers; Background color is a light green-teal with slight gloss; the background is filled with tiny Japanese maple leaves(less than 1/2 inch/12.7mm); please see close-ups;  Motif is of large-scale flowers, mostly chrysanthemums, but a few maple leaves, bamboo leaves and cherry and plum blossos; note that all these are rendered in a stylized version of classic flowers; Other design colors are dark green, dark to lighter blues, various shades of plum, burgundy and as mentioned, burnished gold lines on flowers; this is a print, designs on one side. 

Suitable for making scarf/accessories.

NOTE: Colors and contrasts vary on different devices so please use our text color descriptions to complement pictures.

Condition: Excellent.

    $ 20.00

    7287: 1960's Japanese Silk Formal Kimono Fabric Deadstock, 62 in.Piece