7266: 1980s Deadstock Vintage Japanese Tsumugi (Pongee) Kimono Silk, 55in.Pc

7266: 1980s Japan Tsumugi Silk, LongView

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Catalog# 7266

1980s  Deadstock Japanese Textiles:
 Solid Dark Plum-Purple  Large-Plaid Tsumugi Silk Kimono Fabric

Width:15 inches / 38.1 cm
Length: 55 inches / 139.8 cm

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Item Details and Description

This is a 1980s lightweight deadstock tsumugi (pongee silk); originally intended for making an everyday wear kimono. 

Pedigree: This is what is called deadstock -- new/never used stock, but aged.

Description:  This slightly translucent fabric appears as a large-grid plaid with a solid background in a mix of dark plum and purple, but, if you look very closely you can see that the warp and weft threads appear almost in tiny lines of different hues within the plum-purple spectrum(Please see our last image); Tsumugi like this is lightly textured to the touch with some threads with 'bumps' in the weave; The plaid lines are in a light yellow-mustard color, red, yellow, and some partial white  lines (all thin); very interesting, subtle fabric.

Colors:  Reminder that colors differ on different monitors and devices; please use our text color descriptions in your consideration.

Condition: EXCELLENT

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7266: 1980s Deadstock Vintage Japanese Tsumugi (Pongee) Kimono Silk, 55in.Pc