7175: 1990's Japanese Mock-Silk Piece, Deadstock, Kimono Fabric, 1 Yard

7175: 1990s Mock Silk Furisode fabric, yard
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1990's Japanese Mock-Silk Kimono Fabric Piece,
Deadstock Kimono Fabric

Ornate Floral, Metallic Golden Edgings

Catalog# 7175

Width: 15.5 inches / 39.37 cm
Length: 1 Yard /  91.44 cm

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Item Details and Description

Fabric History/Pedigree: 1990's, pieces derived from deadstock factory cuts of kimono mock-silk (synthetic) fabric; (Deadstock means old inventory which is like new but has been in storage, never been used).

Fabric Description: Japanese vintage light-medium weight mock-silk kimono fabric originally intended to make a woman's formal kimono; the background color is  burgundy-red, but also throughout the fabric there are smaller scale yet subtle flowers and maze-like patterns; these designs have a slight sheen to them, depending on the angle of lighting/viewing; Vivid and striking motifs are of larger scale flowers in clusters that have curving  solid borders, as well as other symbols used on formal occasions; a great deal of burnished gold is used throughout; flowers are mostly chrysanthemums and cherry blossoms in various classic styles, (Please view close-ups);

Since this is from the 1990s, we are not sure, but this shiny gold may be some type of print process not seen in the older kimono fabrics that we specialize in; Colors used: are medium-shaded pastels: pink, lavender, turquoise green, yellow, gold, and some teal, mauve, light plum, and pale golds;  vivid and striking presentation.

Colors: Please use our text color descriptions to complement your sense of the fabric due to differences in contrast and color on different devices.

Condition: Excellent.

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    7175: 1990's Japanese Mock-Silk Piece, Deadstock, Kimono Fabric, 1 Yard