7095: 1960s Japanese Cotton Deadstock kimono fabric 55in.Piece

7095: 1960s Yukata Cotton Piece, longview

Catalog# 7095

Vintage Deadstock:

1960s Japanese Cotton Kimono (Yukata) Fabric
(Stripes, Pinstripes)

Width: 13.75 inches / 34.29 cm
Length: 55 inches / 139.8 cm

US$15.00 per piece

Item Details and Description:

  • Fabric History/Pedigree:   Lightweight deadstock cotton (new but unsold stock) estimated from the 1960s.

  • Fabric Description:  Lightweight, slightly translucent cotton yukata (summer kimono) fabric with patterns same on both sides: Stripes, bands and pinstripes running lengthwise; the background is white and the stripes are cream colored with dashes in brown and gray; other colors used: pink, salmon-red, dark red (pinstripes); please see closeups.  

  • Fabric Type: Still slightly firm, the fabric softens with wash. (hand-wash separately, with lukewarm water-- see our FAQ Pages for cleaning tips).

  • Colors: Please remember that the colors and contrast shown may differ on different devices. Please note the colors listed in the text here.

  • Condition:  Excellent. 
$ 15.00

7095: 1960s Japanese Cotton Deadstock kimono fabric 55in.Piece