7071: 1990s Japanese Deadstock Vintage Kimono Silk Fabric,54in. Piece

7071: 1990s Kimono Silk Fabric, longView
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Vintage Japanese Textiles:
1990's Kimono  Silk Fabric Piece

Width: 14.25 inches / 36.2 cm
Length: 54 inches / 137.16 cm

Catalog# 7071:

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Fabric History/Provenance: Pieces derived from deadstock 1990's kimono silk roll.

Fabric Description: This is a lightweight printed silk originally for use in making a kimono; the fabric is an off-white-silver background but filled with all manner of designs on one side so the white-silver is only seen on the reverse; the reverse reveals the interwoven classic designs of waves in rows; The front is filled with a brown background that is mottled with tiny spattered white dots; other designs (foreground) include: streams, waves, and flowers of differing sizes;  The dominant motif colors on the front are light green to olive greens, with scattered burgundy colors with gradation coloring to plum colored flowers (Please see closeups); There is a sheen on the reverse but not the printed front of the fabric; slight drape.

To our eye, this is a good example of the shift in kimono fabric designs beginning in 1990s Japan; in that, while the specific designs are all traditional (waves, flowers, etc.), the overall look of the fabric is decidedly modern/Western.

About Pictures:  Please NOTE that colors and contrast differ on each device so please use our text descriptions to complement your sense of the fabric.

Recommended for making scarves/accessories.

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7071: 1990s Japanese Deadstock Vintage Kimono Silk Fabric,54in. Piece