6840: 1930s Pre-War Japanese Deadstock Meisen Silk Kimono Fabric, Yard

6840: 1930s Meisen Silk, yard view

Pre-War(WWII) Japanese Textiles:

1930s-1945 Deadstock Silk Fabric
Meisen Silk Kimono Fabric, by yard

Width: 14.5 inches / 36.83 cm
Length: 1 yard / 91.44 cm

Catalog# 6840:

US$10.00 per yard

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Fabric History/Pedigree: Estimated 1930s to 1945, Pre-World War II Deadstock Japanese Meisen kimono silk; Lightweight and translucent; Meisen is defined literally as 'common silk stuff'; and has grown in popularity in recent years; Meisen from that period are usually larger bold patterns and bright colors; Acquired in original rolls & binding with maker's marks and labels at fabric's start (see the last close-up);

Fabric Description: Deadstock (new, never used but from another era) lightweight &  slightly translucent silk found in original binding and label; the fabric is lightweight,  old Japanese Meisen silk, originally intended for use in making a woman's kimono;  designs same on both sides: wide bands in plus configuration and with a single thin centered stripe running lengthwise (vertically); Background color is darker blue with designs in mostly cream-color, white, light blue and gray-silver; same on both sides; note that the bands have a paintbrush stroke appearance at ends;  Maker's mark reads, (price) 9 Yen 29 Sen (100 Sen = 1 Yen) for roll.

Condition: Excellent for age.
If buying more than 1 yard, sent in uncut lengths; Also, if you wish this entire 12 yd/11m roll, please contact us for discount pricing.
$ 10.00

6840: 1930s Pre-War Japanese Deadstock Meisen Silk Kimono Fabric, Yard